From Kindergarten through primary, CIPEC’s curriculum follows the French state National Education in French and Maths as well as Anglo-saxon international curriculums in English and Maths.

Each group has maximum 18 pupils who are instructed by two different language teachers. Classes are taught in both languages all day.

pupils max. per group
main teachers per class

Daily routine

Inspired by an anglo-saxon rhythm, the timetable respects the psychological, physical, and dietary needs of children.

The weekly and daily schedules of teaching academics and sports are adapted to each age level.

Monday to Friday

          8:45am – 4:25pm   


         8:45am – 12pm


Each morning, when the children are rested and alert, they focus on the main subjects: Maths, English and French. In the afternoon, they focus on sports and humanities, when the children can express themselves physically and creatively.



French language

English language




Science and technolgy





Tutoring & Play Time

After the regular school day, CIPEC offers “tutoring”. This a period when children can get extra help or work on their homework with a teacher.

This is a great time to get individual help to further develop subjects skills covered over the day and to do homework before going home.

After tutoring, the primary school children can have a few minutes to relax and play to finish off the day


4:25pm – 4:55pm

Play Time

 4:55pm – 6:00pm

A typical day at school


8:45am - 12:30pm

Main subjects: French, English and maths are taught during the morning with a mid-morning playtime/snack period in between lessons.



Time to replenish! After a study period dedicated to special needs, reading, homework or third languages, the children and teachers together eat a well balanced lunch made from bio, local, seasonal products and sometimes from the school’s own vegetable garden.


1:30pm - 4:25pm

Following and after lunch playtime, children interchange between humanities lessons and sports lessons, accompanied by an afternoon snack.


4:25pm - 6:pm

Teachers help children with their homework during the tutoring period. Then the children can have some playtime at the end of the day.

Teaching team

The team is made up of dedicated teachers specializing in young children. Their experience, acceptance and knowledge are key to the education and growth of the children.

Their common goal? No falling behind and an education that is adapted to each child’s rhythm.

A school year punctuated by festivals

All year long, the school program follows different world events and festivals that are organised for a fun learning environment.

Any questions?

Classes begin at 8:45am, but you can drop off your child as early as 8am for Day Care. Children can play together on the Domaine de Fontvieille’s protected surroundings while they wait for their peers to arrive at school.

Classes finish at 4:15 for the Kindergarten and 4:30pm for primary pupils. The tutorial period is offered up to 5pm as an option to help review the day’s lessons. After that, the day ends with “Playtime” for primary pupils to finish the day having fun until 6:00pm.


Domaine de Fontvieille, 505 Route de Bouc Bel air, 13080 Luynes

Phone number

(+33) 4 42 60 84 25


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